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About Sarah

My name's Sarah and I'm cooking the books.  I read an article back in 2012 about how people own cookbooks, but they don't use them -- they're more for nostalgia than anything else.  I thought about all the cookbooks I have lining my cookbook shelves, and I thought, "Huh.  It'd be a shame to not use these."  So I'm going through my whole collection and cooking out of each one.

I moved from North Carolina to California in 2014, and my husband Dennis is my guinea pig for my food experimenting.  I also have two cats, Zelda and Oliver.

In April 2017, after 6 years, I completed and published my first novel, "That Book I Wrote About Me."  (Not, it's not autobiographical.)  It's available in paperback form on CreateSpace, and as a paperback or eBook on Amazon.

Things I'm obsessed with include Hamilton the musical, Trader Joe's, angry 90's bands, and the color pink.

Olives are the bane of my existence.

By day, I'm a Technical Writer, and by night, I'm reading about, writing about, or making and eating food.

Updated 10 July 2017