Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hello Fresh: Parmesan pop-Chicken

You guys, I'm going to be so lazy with this post and the next one, you're not even going to believe it.  I'm going to take pictures of the card that came in my Hello Fresh Box.  I did actually take pictures of the food I made, so it's not completely lazy.

This chicken was amazing.  Both this and the next recipe were some of the best meals I think I've ever made.  The burger, which I think I mentioned before, wasn't great.  It was kind of sub-par.  These recipes fully make up for it.

I had never had parsnips before, and they were good.  The carrots Hello Fresh sent me were sweet, and really good.

Also, I've been telling people forever I don't like hazelnuts.  Apparently, that's not entirely true.  I guess I just don't like hazelnut flavored things.  Also, full disclosure, I don't like Nutella.  I'm sorry.  You can leave now if you want.

My point is that actual hazelnuts are pretty tasty.  There was no part of this recipe I didn't like, and I'll probably make it again some time.

Parmesan pop-Chicken with Roasted Parsnips and Carrots
Serves 2


Their picture:

My picture:

Sorry for the weirdness of this picture. I got Photoshop happy with a bad shot!


Take everything out and test the chicken to make sure it's cooked through.  Let everything rest for 5 minutes, then slice the chicken with the veggies on the side.

Their finished meal:

My finished meal: 

Not to gush or anything, but this meal was so ridiculously good, I'll probably be making it again on my own.  It was pretty easy, too.

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