Monday, June 10, 2013

Guest Video: Guacamole

Those of you who have been following me for a while are familiar with my husband, Dennis, and the fact that he's kind of my test subject/guinea pig for the recipes I'm making for this blog project.  He even tries things like this and the infamous green spaghetti and comes up with nice, supportive reasons why it's not the worst thing he's ever tried.  (Hint:  The green spaghetti was probably one of the worst things he's ever tried.)

Two things you don't know about him (because, you know, I haven't told you) is, for one, he's a graphic designer/photographer/video guy.  He owns his own business and does websites, photos, videos, etc. for small businesses who need advertising.

The latest thing he's added to his business repertoire is videos.  This ties in to the second thing you don't know about him:  he's an ace Mexican food maker.  He makes this salsa that kind of makes me want to die because it's so hot, but then I can't stop eating it.

His guacamole, though, is pretty much the thing that I could live off of given the opportunity.

He's been teaching himself the ins and outs of producing video, YouTube, and things of that nature, and he's been posting videos, both for his clients and of random stuff (check out his channel here.)

The newest video on that channel (and, really, the only one that ties into what I'm doing here!), is a video showing how he makes the life-altering guacamole we have during avocado season.  As a quasi-guest post, I'm putting that up for today, and I hope you'll watch it, and like it if you're so inclined.

(Note:  He didn't ask me to post this.  He doesn't even KNOW I'm posting it.  He surprised me with a nice shot-out to Sarah Cooks the Books at the end of the video, and I thought I'd respond in kind!)

Seriously, though.  Make this guacamole.  Because it's epic.

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