Friday, June 14, 2013

Review: Front Porch Ice Cream

Yesterday was the hottest day we've had so far this year.  I think the final number was 93 degrees, with ridiculous, ridiculous humidity.

And then a storm blew through in the afternoon and the temperature fell by 20 degrees.  Go figure.

All that being said, yesterday was the perfect day for ice cream, and I had come across some coupons for Front Porch brand ice cream a few days ago.  It's made in Mooresville, NC, and even though that's 2.5 hours from here, I decided to look at it as "buying local."  Support your local businesses, right?

There were, I believe, 4 flavors in the ad, and I'd already made a decision, thinking that that's all they made.  I was picturing this small, local ice cream place that made 4 flavors, where everyone had a favorite.

Everyone might have their favorite, but I was wrong about the number.

I found them at Lowe's Foods, and they had 6 flavors to choose from.  I went to the website, and found that they have a total of 19, including peppermint, which is my favorite ice cream flavor ever.

From left to right, the flavors are (Top Row) Lemony Sunshine, My-O-My Peanut Butter Pie, Country Fair Fried Apple Pie, Happily Pineapply Upside Down Cake, Wildly Wildberry Cheesecake (Second Row) Nana's Banana Pudding, Mountain Mint Chip, Dreamy Vanilla Cream, Sweetie Tea, Sassy Strawberry (Third Row) Scarlett Red Velvet, Praline Coastal Crunch, Dandy Peppermint Candy, Homestyle Butter Pecan, Sublime Key Lime (Last Row) Black Cherry Twilight, Peachy Keen, Chocolate Rocker, and Blackberry Crumble.

Pretty much every one of those flavors (at least the names) is as Southern as it gets, which is pretty cool.  I wasn't born in the South, but I can appreciate an ice cream called Sweetie Tea.

Country Fair Fried Apple pie sounded pretty amazing, so I took my .75 off coupon and gave it a shot.  (I think my total was $3.18.  On par with Ben & Jerry's, I guess.)

I got it home, only slightly melted, and opened it up immediately.  It looked creamy and delicious.

The package says it's made of "spiced apple ice cream with apple swirl and cinnamon sugar shortbread pieces."  Yum.

Being a Type 1 diabetic, I also had to check out the nutrition facts.  21 carbs, which is pretty standard for ice cream, I think.  I try to do 30 or less per meal, but that salad I ate for lunch was worth having this ice cream before I started on the salad for dessert.

Serving size was 1/2 cup (most people don't realize how small serving sizes for ice cream actually are), but it was a good amount for a lunch dessert.

You guys?  This was amazing.  It was so good.  It tasted exactly like one of those fried (or, unfried, if you've had them that way) apple pies.  It was sweet without making my teeth hurt, and creamy the way ice cream was intended to be.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to take the other coupon I have ($2 off 2) and try more flavors.  If you can find this ice cream, try it.  Even if you have to buy it at full price, buy it.  Unfortunately, it appears that you can only buy it on the East Coast.

Because of this, if you're not from here, I recommend you either fly over here or find a friend over here who will freezer-pak you some of this stuff.  It's that good.

Disclaimer:  Front Porch did not compensate me for this post.  They have no idea who I am.  I found a coupon in the paper and bought it myself.  If they wanted to send me free ice cream for life, that'd be cool.  

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