Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dr. Who Cupcakes: Adipose Edition

True Confessions:  I don't like Doctor Who.  I've watched two full episodes of it, and as much as I want to like it, I just don't.

My BFF Andrea, and her girlfriend, Miranda, are HUGE Doctor Who fans.  Huge.  Like. . .cosplaying The Doctor at Dragon Con huge.

A couple weeks ago, Miranda had a birthday, and Andrea asked Dennis and me to join them for a surprise birthday dinner.  (The dinner wasn't a surprise.  Dennis and me being there was a surprise.)  I offered to make something for dessert (because, obviously), and Andrea told me Miranda's favorite cake flavor was red velvet, so that's what I had to work with.

I decided to do a Doctor Who themed something or other.  (I should note here that the time between when Andrea told me about the dinner and the time we actually arrived at the restaurant was about 5 hours.  I just want to note that.)

There's this one episode of Doctor Who (one of the ones Andrea made me watch) that revolves around this get-thin-quick company, and how they make people lose fat.  Spoiler Alert:  The fat becomes these little alien things called Adipose (Adiposes?  I just don't know.)  They look like this:

They're super-cute alien blobs of fat.

Great for a cupcake, right?


So I made some red velvet cupcakes and mixed up some Tardis-blue frosting.

That's when terrible things started happening.

I'd bought this cake decorating gun from Avon (back when I was pretending like I was good at sales) a couple of years ago, and it broke almost immediately, but was still usable.  It stopped being usable whilst in the midst of Tardis-blue Adipose cupcake making.  The frosting started leaking out the sides and making a big freaking mess out of everything.

So that was a fun clean up.  Did you know that Tardis-blue frosting is ridiculous to get off skin?  True story.

Since I still had cupcakes left to frost, I had to fashion a decorating tool out of the tip I'd been using and a plastic bag.

It leaked like crazy, and I ended up with EVEN MORE blue all over me.  I wasn't able to take a picture of the ensuing massacre because I would have gotten frosting all over my camera.

But I eventually got all of them frosted (if you ignore the one in the back that was where the gun falling apart happened.

A little messy thanks to the malfunction, but there was about to be adorable Adipose (Adiposii?) on top, so it was OK.

Since I was going for a Tardis-theme, I picked yellow and white jimmies to go on top.

Then I created these little guys:

My original plan was to use toothpicks to hold them together.  However, the toothpicks I had were too long, so I stuck on the arms and legs with corn syrup and stuck them in the freezer for a while to make them stick.  
Since I was on a limited timetable, I don't think I let them set long enough (the appendages kept falling off as they thawed) so if you're making these, I'd recommend letting them sit for a while to make everything stick.  What I ended up doing for a lot of them when their limbs fell off was just sticking them back on in the frosting of the cupcake.

I also drew on the face with a toothpick and black food coloring.

They ended up being adorable.

Cutest alien blobs of fat ever!

They were finished on time and we made it to the restaurant in time to surprise Miranda for her birthday. She loved them and we were all buzzing on sugar for the entirety of the evening.

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