Wednesday, April 23, 2014

When Good Appetizers Go Bad

You guys probably don't know (mostly because I haven't told you yet), but next month, I'm going to be doing something a little different.

Seeing as to how I have a million recipes I've ripped and clipped from magazines, next month is going to be Magazine in May.  All next month, I'm going to post recipes I've gotten from magazines.

I'm doing all these recipes ahead of time, and because of that, I can share with you this little. . .blunder without having to make it one of my days in May.

I got the recipe for French Fry Franks out of an issue of Food Network Magazine, the May 2011 issue to be exact.  They were under the heading "Fun Cooking" and someone named Claudia Sidoti said "French fries and hot dogs are the perfect combo!  It seemed only natural to bring them together."  Deep fried hot dogs and fries!  What a gas!

I can't even get into all the ways this went wrong.

For one, when you buy a bag of "zesty twists". . .

. . .you probably expect some twists.

But you'd be wrong.

I'm no potato expert, but I think you'd be hard-pressed to twist these around anything.

Literally, these were the only ones in the bag even vaguely capable of twistiness:

Even with these, most of them fell apart while I was trying to wrap them around the hot dogs.

I really tried, you guys.

I did eat them, so I guess I got what I deserved there:  For the rest of the evening, my stomach felt like it was trying to turn itself inside out.  I wasn't sick proper, but I was knocking on the door of sick all night.

So no, I'm not sharing this recipe, and I'll be finding another Magazines in May recipe to take its place.

I think we've all learned a lesson here.  I know I have.

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