Thursday, January 14, 2016

Recipes for Fitness for Very Busy People: Chiffon "Pumpkin" Pie

I'm disappointed in you, Recipes for Fitness for Very Busy People.

The name of the recipe should have been my first clue something was about to go wildly awry:

"Pumpkin"??  But then I looked at the recipe, and there was actually pumpkin in it, so I'm not sure why the scare quotes.  I decided I could forgive some punctuation issues, even though I was an English major.

Then I looked at the ingredients, all 55 calories of them.

Something wasn't quite right here.  There was no...binding agent.  How was this "chiffon" "pumpkin" "pie" going to hold together?

(SPOILER ALERT:  It wasn't.)

I still followed the recipe, and was pleased to know that if you "play your guitar or violin for 10 minutes after dinner, you'll cancel the calories in your dessert.  (Unburned calories are apt to be stored as fat.)"

NOTE TO SELF:  Learn to play guitar and/or violin.

It just didn't look...right when I put it in the oven.

But I did it anyway.

Rather than telling you how to make this monstrosity, I'll just give you a picture essay.

Mmm...burned edges!

To call this a fail doesn't even really sum it up correctly.  I'm going to call this an extreme non-win.

Maybe better luck next time, all you Very Busy People.


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