Monday, June 18, 2018

Magazine Monday #25: Sweet Basil-Orange Mojito

I feel like I need to clarify something here.

I don't generally sit around in my day-to-day life and make fancy drinks.  (Or gross drinks.)  My blogging habits and my drinking habits don't so much match up.

What usually happens is that I remember on Saturday or Sunday that I need to have a Magazine Monday post ready for the following Monday, and I pull out my binder of magazine recipes, and then I get sidetracked, and then I remember later I still haven't made anything, and then I go to the drinks section of the binder because drinks are easy, and I tend to have everything I need, except maybe the specific booze, which I can just walk up to the store and get.

When I first started Magazine Monday, I had a plan; I had a calendar that lists which National Specific Food Day corresponds with which Monday, and I would try to find specific magazine recipes to go with each specific day.

That worked for a few weeks.  I worked ahead, was super proud of myself, got a little cocky...

But now here we are.  With many recipes for drinks which makes it look like I'm way fancier than drinking Trader Joe's canned cabernet or rosé.

Food blogging is hard, y'all. I don't know how some people churn out new posts every day with tons of social media stuff to go along with it.

Regardless, this is a nice summery drink, and could probably be made in a pitcher or something if you're having a gathering.  Cheers!

(Oh, and, if you wondered, I made this drink on Saturday and am writing this post on Sunday, so I'm ahead of the game and should have a celebratory glass of rosé!)

Sweet Basil-Orange Mojito
Makes 1
From Better Homes & Gardens, June 2012


Handful of basil leaves
1 orange, cut into fat wedges
2 tsp. sugar
1 shot rum
Club soda

Add the basil to the bottom of a tall glass.  Place 1 orange wedge in the glass, and top with the sugar.  Smush these ingredients with the handle of a wooden spoon (or muddler).

Top with ice, add the rum, and fill the rest of the glass with club soda.

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