Monday, August 13, 2018

Magazine Monday #33: Raspberry Truffle Cocktail

Happy Magazine Monday & Happy National Prosecco Day!  Today is also National Filet Mignon Day, but since y'all don't pay me for this, Prosecco is where it's at.

I'd actually never had Prosecco before my Work Wife introduced it to me, and now it's a mainstay for celebratory meals and, apparently, random Sunday nights. 

Now...I'm going to give you this recipe.  And maybe you'll like it.  But as far as I'm concerned, your time would be better spent just drinking the Prosecco itself.  This drink was...kind of gross.  I don't know if it's because I used Kahlua instead of some other chocolate liqueur, but it was just...not the best.

Give it a try, though, and let me know what you think!

Raspberry Truffle
Makes 1 drink
From some random, alcohol-related magazine insert that had a ton of recipes in it


4 oz. Champagne
1 oz. raspberry vodka
Splash of chocolate liqueur

Mix vodka and chocolate liqueur in a Champagne glass.  Top with Champagne. Be disappointed, dump it out, and pour yourself a glass of Champagne.  Enjoy.

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